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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 15, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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morning. hi. marstow's the name. will it be ready by 5:00? i want to wear it this evening. oh, no problem. this spot. can you get it out? i think it's coffee. i don't know.
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thank you. see you around five. gordon, the file there, plplse. thank you. that meant the sensors on the packagegere reacting. apparently, they've spread it with a substance to amplify any sounds inside the package. u.n. wl.e. will discover it's a bomb.
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that's the file on the latest thrush operation. and we're learning to it by the moment. a molecutronic gun. it works o oa principle not unlike that of the laser. yes, and i need hardly to point out the serious cocoequences if thrush should succeed in stealing it. these messages... on trush itself. he succeeded in breaking the most recent radio code. bomb control? demolition unit at the ready. mr. kuryakin is on his way down.
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they've enclosed the bomb in steel mesh. that won't stop it. twenty-nine seconds. bomb is now at 40-foot level. stand by for detonation. we've done it. we blew up u.n.c.l.e. headquarters. no. the bomb detonated on schedule. but it was under 40 feet of water. i told central it wouldn't work. there is only y e way to destroy that fortress. and that is...
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@all stations. bomb alert is over. return to normal duties. bravo, mr. kuryakin, well done. well now, gentlemen, where were we before we were subjected totohat mild annoyance? the, uh... molecutronic gun. oh, yes. well. that's all the background information we have. the weapon is being developed by febray electronics in brooklyn. e army this afternoon. mr. solo, make contact and take charge imimdiately. yes, sir. you, mr. kuryakin. you hold yourself in readiness. i rather suspect you'll be involved in this before it's all over. one thing is certain.
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hi, i'm from the argot corporation. want to check the air conditioning. oh, sorry, buddy, you got the wrong place. company handles its own maintenance. hey, wait a second. something wrong. got a work order. okay. hey, hey, hey, hey.
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whoever set off the alarm, he couldn't have gotten past the voltage trap. very observant. this way gentlemen, right in here. put your guns down. step it up. thank you. open the pressure manifold. we've got to synchronize the wave patterns. someone set off security nine. go and see if they're still alive. thank you for opening the door.
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both of you over there. i don't know what you're after, but... very obvious booby trapp on the door. all i had to do was send a silent discharge. as a matter of fact, all of your security arrangements are inadequate, i'll be happy to show you how to improve them. now, just who are you? i'm napoleon solo. from u.n.c.l.e. all right, mr. solo, you've made your point. you've undermined my security guards. now, would you mind telling me how you know that thrush intendndto steal my invention? "how" is not really important. let's just do something about it. coincidentally, there are two guards
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tter release them. go ahead, please. what is going g here? you've got a man sleeping at his post. if you were in the army, he'd be court marshaled and shot. what kind of security have you got here? now just a moment. your explanation had better be good. really good. excuse me, general. would you please put your attache cases on the table there, both of you? on the table. there's no guard outside to check your credentials, i'd like to see them if you don't mind. would you hand them slowly to dr. febray? what is going on here? this is mr. solo from u.n.c.l.e. now, may i see your credentials? generals blaines and wallace. i've been expecting them. now w y we... not yet. excuse me.
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this is solo, section two. i'd like you to check on the location of f o generals. blaines and wallace. stand by, we're checking. this is totally unnecessary. blaines and wallace left washington in a.m. for new york. mission classified, but we can get it. no, that won't be needed, thank you very much. now, general, as you were saying about security. all right. let's get on with the test, shall we? open the vault, please. now, you gentlemen realize, of course, that lab tests can only give e hint as to the potential of the molecutronic gun. we'll arrange for the field testing in due course. so. this is the weapon that's going to make all field artillerer obsolete. it's hard to believe. well, as i recall, general, some army men swore that the tank could never replace the horse.
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... i won't try and explain the theoeo, but, when activated, a beam of amplified light is emitted from here. when the light touches anything, it causes such a violent activation of that object's own molecules, that within a matter of seconds, the target explodes. pleasantap, mr. solo? well, it's always pleasant to wake up and discover that you're still alive, general. of course, you're not a general. no. the pay isn't high enough. general blaines and general wallace
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of course. well, you got the molecutronic gun, why do you need me? are you, uh, suggesting that we simply kill you, mr. solo? oh, no, no. you can just let me off at the next bus stop. well, sincncyou were on hand, i thought you might like to observe the field trials of the gun. i can guarantee you the best seat in the house. since you'll be the target. you're in considerable danger. with your approval, we'd like to put you under protective custodydy you what? you're locking prthe proverbial barn door after the horse is g ge. thrush has the molecutronic gun. and if they kill you, they'll have a monopoly on it. well, i am not going to sit around here while you go through the motions of protecting it. now, you knew, you k kw that thrush wanted the gun.
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in any event, the safety of the world demands that we tried. kuryakin here. we have a lead on solo. we're getting signals from the homing device in his tie tack. and do you have an accurate fix? not yet, but we hope to have it s srtly. this is waverly here. once the fix is established, contact all spotter stations to pinpoint the location. and relay all information directly to me in my car. yes, sir. you please see that dr. febray's safety good day, sir.
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the signals are e ming from over there. mr. solo seems to have lost his tie tack.
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i take it the accommodations are satisfactory? the devil with accommodations. and these childish games, passing me off as a shah.
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has mr. solo been found?? not yet. i was afraid of that. now, listen, kuryakin. i want... dr. febray, i need your cooperation. your molecutronic gun emits beta rays. is this can detect those rays several miles off. once i get a reading. if you get a reading. listen, u.n.c.l.e. must have a wawa of getting a message to thrush. tell them i'll pay millions to get my invention back. they wouldn't be interested. make the offer. they'd take your money and then kill you. now please, let's do it my way. only you know the wavelengths of your molecutronic gun. please set these gauges to correspond exactly with those wavelengths. that shohod do it. thank you.
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the breaking of the thrush c ce, mr. kuryakin, seems to be paying off extremely well. the latest message we've intercepted calls for a rendezvous with their agents here. vinegar wells. yes. it's a, uh, desert community. but that's one of their rendezvous points. from there, the thrush agents have been directed to proroed to a testing area. with a molecutronic gun? oh, undoubtedly. ch a full-scale attack. so, uh, find that testing area, mr. kuryakin.
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am i disturbing you? just help yourself. self-service. oh. this vinegar wells? yeah. if you'd gone five feet forward, you'd been out of it. you prospectin'? last couple of days, a lot of men and equipment have been headin' for the desert. rumor is that they're digging around the old ghost town. wn? yeah. ain't on a map, but if, uh, you go out 20 miles and then turn on the old wagon trail about ten miles more, why, you'll be in it. might be worth trying. maybe. take a look at it. that's, uh, $1.94. oh, i ain't got six cents.
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that's all right. keep the change.
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open channel d, please. can you hear me? i think i've located the molecutronic gun. signal if you can hear me. i'm getting interference on this end. probably from the beta rays. hello?
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tramodern weapon. i am certain it will get the desired effect.
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ah, mr. kuryakin. for the hanging. how nice of you to drop in. it may have seemed rather crude to you. it achieved the desired result. brought me out into the open. exacy. and you've arrived just in time for the field test of the m mecutronic gun. as i promised, mr. solo will have the honor of being its first target. all spotters, stay alert. target 13 feet for baker. we're ready, mr. solo. all you have to do is run. fire! fire.
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he must have been blasted right over the edge. nt us to go down and check? nobody could have survived that fall. we'll repeat the same test with mr. kuryakin. as soon as... something's wrong. all the trajectory control, the circuitry's been damaged. you've gained a little living time. better have this fixed as soon as possible. sir, i, um, well the guidance factors
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i'm not sure w wcan fix this. the inventor of the gun, dr. febray. perhaps if we got him out here. you're quite right. but i can't imagine that, uh, mr. kuryakin would care to tell us where he's hidden.


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